"Ingenious...it is no accident that so many of the sharp jokes come as complete surprises!”1

– The New York Times


"Suzanne Bachner's CIRCLE, is the finest adaptation of the Schnitzler classic, LA RONDE, since the Max Orphuls masterpiece film!”1

– Legendary Filmmaker Radley Metzger


“Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is a truly AMAZING one-man show.

Bob Brader is the next Spalding Gray; I kid you not!”2

– Michelle Stevens, PhD, Author of Scared Selfless


“A must see performance that will make you laugh, cry and just feel good!”2

– London Free Press


“A powerful show the entire world needs to see!”3

– Suz Bednarz, writingmywrongs.com


“A rich, intelligent script and a sensitive, spirited performance by

Anna Bridgforth!”3

– Bob Criso, Hi! Drama


“Off Off Broadway at its best!”4

– Time Out New York


1. Circle     2. Spitting In The Face Of The Devil     3. The Good Adoptee     4. JMTC Theatre

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