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JMTC Theatre presents 15-minute showcases of 3 of our acclaimed award-winning solo shows.

In just 45 minutes, you can see all 3!

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The Good Adoptee is the riveting and outrageous true story of award-winning playwright Suzanne Bachner’s search for the truth of her origins and first/birth parents in the face of New York State's sealed records. Once she opens Pandora’s Box, can she find a way to integrate her dual identities and still remain “the Good Adoptee”?


The Good Adoptee has won awards for Best Autobiographical Script and Best Actress for star Anna Bridgforth when it premiered in the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City. The show has toured to the London International Fringe Festival and all over the U.S., including a 7-week 9-city Connecticut tour to support the vital and now successful legislative efforts of Access Connecticut, to the 400-seat SJCC in Seattle and to global audiences in its virtual presentations including the 'r kids Fundraiser at The Shubert.


"A story is rarely so personal and it has a very healthy

amount of laugh-out-loud-humour!”

– Sadie takes the Stage, London UK


"Superior writing…A spellbinding emotional detective story about an NYC

woman searching for her birth parents!”

– Theater Scene


"A powerful show that the entire world needs to see!”

– Suz Bednarz, writingmywrongs


"The Good Adoptee is everything you want a solo show to be: well-crafted, lovingly performed and thoroughly entertaining!”

– Hi Drama


"What a powerful piece of work — the script is tight and

packed with emotion, the performance is brilliant

and spot on. Perfection!”

– Betsie Norris, Executive Director of

Adoption Network Cleveland



Smoker is multi-award-winning monologist Bob Brader's acclaimed solo comedy about his 28-year love affair with smoking and how they broke up. As Bob tries to leave his first love: “those sweet Camel lights” he realizes all the complex connections he has through smoking: how it helped him through a turbulent childhood, created jobs, opportunities and community, and one particular connection almost too precious to let go. At once hilarious and cautionary, Smoker expertly illuminates addiction with universal resonance.


Critics' Choice


"Smoker is Smooth and Satisfying!”

– All About Solo


"Eloquent and entertaining…a solid addition to the literary genre exploring the mystique and fetishization of smoking.”

– Theater Scene


"Bob Brader is a dynamic storyteller with a wonderful, strong voice and a talent for creating visuals and characters…We’re hooked!”

– Winnipeg Free Press


"Smoker is is Addictive Theatre: It’s 80 minutes that feels like 30 a feat few actors have the talent to pull off… compelling theatre fueled by Brader’s masterful storytelling and acting talent, a show that must not be missed!”

– London Free Press



Can you imagine discovering that your father is a predator?


Hailed by critics as “brilliant”, “masterful” and “unforgettable”, Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is New York monologist Bob Brader's gripping true story of discovering that his abusive and charismatic ex-Marine father is a pedophile. Brader's daring, uplifting and often comedic play has toured the U.S. and Canada to tremendous critical acclaim. A powerful tale of personal survival and triumph that pertains to today's focus on sexual predators, Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is a 7-Time Best of Fest Award-Winner, including “Best Show” of the London Fringe and “Best Script” and “Best Encore” at NYC's United Solo Theatre Festival. Bob appeared on the RISK! Podcast with a brand new retelling of Spitting In The Face Of The Devil which RISK! creator and host Kevin Allison called: “An absolute stunner…one of our best episodes ever."


"Brader is a brilliant storyteller!”

– Donald’s Dish London


"Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is a truly AMAZING one-man show.

Bob Brader is the next Spalding Gray; I kid you not!”

– Michelle Stevens, PhD, Author of Scared Selfless


"A must see performance that will make you laugh, cry and just feel good!”

–  London Free Press


"Brader's high energy performance and gripping story will wow you. A Tour de Force performance. SEE IT!”





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